Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


How we created a Documentation Framework that works across a group of vendors in the sovereign cloud stack community

A journey from single documentation files to a meaningful information architecture.

The Sovereign Cloud Stack combines the best of Cloud Computing in one unified standard. SCS is built, backed, and operated by an active open-source community worldwide. As only the sum of different repositories complete the SCS Stack, it is important to have an easy and accessible documentation of the SCS Project in one place. In this talk you will be taken on our journey on how we have developed a low invasive workflow to bring together all individual docs to a unified collection that is being generated to single page application using docusaurus. A journey that takes us from a mere collection of markdown documents to a meaningful information architecture. With this talk we not only want to convey our story but invite you to feedback your experiences with such endeavours.


Photo of Max Wolfs Max Wolfs