Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Developing open transport toolbox and community for ten years

From open data, via Navitia, to Open transport meetups, looking in the rear view mirror

For ten years i'm involved in Public transport digital services (especially traveler information, trip planner, Mobility as a Service at Hove and now i'm the SNCF open data platform coordinator). I'm an Open transport advocate working for SNCF Group and organising Open Transport meetups, mainly in France, being also part of initatives who works on commons like Fabrique des mobilit├ęs or OpenStreetMap. As i was part of the team when we opened Navitia trip planner source code and decided to have an open based strategy step by step (transport open data / open source / open API and SDK), i had the chance to be at the center of this great adventure at Hove, connecting with Navitia reusers an contributors, developing links with Open transport community. As open transport also means open innovation, it's important to work on developer's experience to facilitate either the integration of Navitia (open source) or the development of innovative services with Navitia Playgroung (Navitia API console). I propose to have a look in the rear view mirror, either the successes, showing concrete use cases from different sectors (mobility, tourism, real estate, employment), Navitia's reusers and contributers,... or some difficulties (long is the road), what are the next steps in the transport industry, with the European Union.


Photo of Bertrand Billoud Bertrand Billoud