Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Flang progress update

Flang is the new Fortran frontend of LLVM. While the frontend is not yet ready for general use, significant progress has been made. In this talk I summarise the progress that has been achieved and the major development thrusts.

Flang supports compilation of most of Fortran 95. Significant progress is being made on Fortran 2003 features. Flang can compile Spec and other important benchmarks. Some work has been done to improve performance. Further work is under way, this includes Alias Analysis, improved codegen for Array Expressions and Assumed shape arrays. A new dialect called HLFIR (High Level FIR) is also under construction. This dialect will capture more higher level Fortran info in the IR. Flang is mostly OpenMP 1.1 compliant. Significant progress has been made with the Driver as well. The presentation will cover these points.


Kiran Chandramohan