Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


The ELISA Project - Enabling Linux in Safety Applications

Projects insights and overview

The ELISA project aims to make it easier to build and certify Linux-based safety-critical applications. This lecture will give an overview of the goals and technical strategy of the ELISA project. It provides information about the different work groups, their interaction, and contributions. Attendees will leave the talk with an understanding where the ELISA project stands today and what comes next. They get insights which methodologies and tools are used, which challenges exist, and why the different puzzle pieces are all needed for enabling Linux in safety-critical applications.

Safety-critical systems as addressed by the ELISA project are those, where failure could result in loss of human life, significant property damage or environmental damage. ELISA members are working together to define and maintain a common set of tools and processes that can help companies demonstrate that a specific Linux-based system meets the necessary safety requirements for certification. These existing working groups focus on Linux Features for Safety-Critical Systems, Software Architecture, Open Source Engineering Process, Tool Investigation and Code Improvement. They are complemented by vertical use case working groups dealing with Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace.


Photo of Philipp Ahmann Philipp Ahmann