Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


CI/CD The gitops way

Manage cluster infrastructure and Application deployment using FluxCD

CI/CD the GitOps way, involves automatically shipping your code from your local machine to the intended server, it could be a UAT or production environment. This is usually achieved through toolsets like source control provider (Gitlab/GitHub), CI tool (Jenkins/Github Action), Kubernetes Orchestrators among others. FluxCD is an Open-source tool that recently joined CNCF family. FluxCD treats Git as the source of truth and ensures desired synchronisation is done with the intended cluster. These is achieved through a set of cluster Operators that ensures git commits are automatically deployed to the cluster.

GitOps using flux not only automate the deployments but also integrates with a vast set of Open-source tools to ensure, cluster-wide and deployment Policies, enhanced Security, Visibility, and notification among others. It's architecture caters for velocity and Multi - Environment/teams and application deployments without compromising Privacy through Isolation.

FluxCD also facilitates cluster infrastructure management the GitOps way, infrastructure like service meshes, CNI, and any other Kubernetes CRDs can be managed using FluxCD.


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