Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


GNU Guix and Open science, a crush?

GNU Guix is our beloved reproducible software deployment toolbox. It is a package manager also able to create isolated computational environments. It is even able to produce pack containers. Or, it can be a complete system. In addition of focusing on reproducibility, it provides some key features as roll-back, declarative configuration, or time-machine, to name some. GNU Guix respects the four essential freedoms: run the program as you wish; study how the program works and change it for computing as you wish; share copies for helping others; distribute modified versions for improving.

Open science considers that scientific practices must be more open, transparent, collaborative and inclusive, coupled with more accessible and verifiable scientific knowledge subject to scrutiny and critique. Such enterprise will improve the quality, reproducibility and impact of science, and thereby the reliability of the evidence needed for robust decision-making and policy and increased trust in science. Quoting UNESCO.

Wait, Guix and Open science seems so well matched. This presentation is an attempt to illustrate how the Guix project is helping Open science. We emphasize two features of Guix that implement Open science principles: transparent and long-term.


Simon Tournier