Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


CorTexT Manager, a growing online platform in open research for social sciences

CorTexT Platform is the digital platform of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Science, Innovation and Society (LISIS) held in Paris. This platform aims at empowering open research and studies in social sciences about the dynamic of science, technology, innovation and knowledge production. It covers a large variety of methodological research fields, such as scientometrics, Social Networks Analysis, Natural Language Processing and spatial analysis. Its web application gathers most of the original methods produced by the platform team members ( Twelve years after its creation, CorTexT Manager is facing a growth of its usages: in number of users, type of institutions, and locations of the users. Back in 2021, more than 1300 active users came to analyze data on it, producing more than 66 000 calculations, from a wide variety of organizations (laboratories, government agencies, firms, newspapers...) located in 60 countries across the world. In 2019, our users were coming from 39 different countries. In the meantime, scientific production published using one or more sets of methods accessible through CorTexT Manager has nearly doubled: a total of 67 scientific documents citing or mentioning CorText Manager has been identified for 2021 ( Addressing these changes has required significant transformations of CorTexT Manager: both for its technical infrastructure as well as for how its codebase is produced and its academic visibility. This presentation will give a brief overview of what is CorTexT Manager and focus on: the importance of user documentation for scientific reproducibility, questions related to the ownership and copyright of the source code when engineers and developers are supported by multiple research organizations, and how to ensure its academic visibility.


Photo of Lionel Villard Lionel Villard
Photo of Alexandre Hannud Abdo Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Photo of Joenio Marques da Costa Joenio Marques da Costa
Jean-Philippe Cointet
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