Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Ceph RGW and Zipper

Alternative Storage Backends for S3 and Swift Object Storage

Ceph RGW (RADOS Gateway) is an interface to Ceph, providing access to Ceph object storage using the industry standard S3 and Swift protocols.

Zipper is a project currently underway to provide a plug-in framework to utilize other storage solutions, e.g. an SQLite database, in addition to or instead of Ceph RADOS.

Other related activities include adding LUA scripting, an Apache Arrow Flight front end, and pluggable, stackable filters.

In this talk we will provide a high level overview of the overall Ceph architecture, and then drill in to the RGW architecture with the Zipper enhancements. We will do a deeper dive into the source and review the Zipper API that developers use to write a Zipper plug-in.


Kaleb Keithley