Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Five Steps to Make Your Go Code Faster & More Efficient

Go is a pragmatic choice for developing reliable and robust programs, especially in cloud environments. However, with big data demands, the expensive economy and the ecology aspects, every Go developer will inevitably be required to handle efficiency issues in critical parts of their Go applications or services.

In this talk, Bartek PÅ‚otka, author of "Efficient Go" O'Reilly book and maintainer of open-source Go projects, will walk you through 5 simple steps that will guide you on how to make effective and pragmatic optimizations in your code in a data-driven manner. The audience will learn about essential open-source tools and strategies that allow them to make their code faster or use fewer resources like memory or CPU when needed. There will also be a chance to win free signed copies of the "Efficient Go" book!


Photo of Bartek Plotka Bartek Plotka