Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Bringing RISC-V to Guix's bootstrap

What's done and what we need to do

The talk is a review of my work on Guix's bootstrapping process for RISC-V. The presentation describes why we needed to make this, the challenges I encountered, what I focused doing, what is missing and how people can take part.

The bootstrapping process starts with Stage0-POSIX, then comes Gnu Mes and from there a bootstrappable fork of TinyCC is built. From that point, GCC is somehow built and then the rest of the distribution is built using it. In this talk, we'll discuss the last part of this process, from the bootstrappable TinyCC to the final GCC that compiles the world.

With NlNet's support, I spent some time this last year preparing this process to be ready for RISC-V. During the talk I'll share the work that has been done, I'll introduce some of the particularities that RISC-V has, why this process has been different to the other architectures and I'll describe the current state of the bootstrapping process and how it can be improved.


Ekaitz Zarraga