Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Using open source software to boost measurement data in railways

In the last years, SBB has developed a binary data format, based on the open standard HDF5. We call this format Rail Condition Monitoring Data Exchange, or short RCM-DX. We already decided to set this format Open Source. In parallel, SBB has developed a Viewing software for this data format, called RCM-DX Viewer. We are in the process to also set Open Source this viewing software as well as a Java and C# Library that can read and write RCM-DX directly. The SBB is hoping to attract a community for those tools in order to have a free and open standard format for measuring data in the rail infrastructure domain. In an ideal world, in future a railway company can mention this format in an open tender and thus ensure, that data produced is open and readable. Also a new company, creating a new measurement system can rely on this viewing software and data format and thus lower its initial amount of work to enter the market. We would like to show our current state and let the world see where those components can be obtained


Photo of Joël Casutt Joël Casutt