Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Relativitization: an interstellar social simulation framework and a turn-based strategy game

Isn’t it a cool idea to understand societies of interstellar civilization? While this may look like a fictional scenario, I believe academically serious studies can be done through simulations. Because special relativity plays a role in this scenario, it is not a strict forward task to implement interstellar social model using existing social simulation framework. As a result, I have created an open source simulation framework, Relativitization, to ease the model development.

In this presentation, I will introduce the architecture of the framework and how the framework can be used. Besides that, I will introduce a complex social model, a.k.a., a turn-based strategy game, developed based on the framework. I believe the game is useful for educating relativistic physics to the public. As a Ph.D. student in social science with a background in physics, developing an open source software is a challenging process. I will also share my experience in overcoming the challenges.


Photo of Kwun Hang Lai Kwun Hang Lai