Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


barebox, the bootloader for Linux kernel developers

Embedded doesn't mean we can't have nice things. As Linux kernel developers we have grown accustomed to the comfort afforded to us by Kconfig, device trees, the device-driver model, multi-platform kernel images, the kernel having sane defaults and virtual filesystems giving us shell-level access to debug and introspect the system.

Why can't we have this in the boot environment? We can and you'll see how, welcome to barebox.

What began as a rejected patchset for adding Kconfig to U-Boot has now been a full-fledged bootloader in its own right for 13 years. barebox is powering millions of devices around the world.

In his talk, Marco will give a brief overview of barebox from a kernel developer's point of view and show how easy it is to add support for a new i.MX8M board. The attendees will see barebox in action and learn how to leverage the VFS for hardware bringup, kernel debugging and booting the system in production.


Marco Felsch