Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Deploying Kubernetes across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments Using OpenNebula

This presentation will showcase an open source solution for deploying Kubernetes clusters on hybrid and multi-cloud environments using the recently released OpenNebula Kubernetes Engine (OneKE). In this talk we will present to the world the new OneKE appliance, a CNCF-certified K8s distribution based on Rancher’s RKE2, and will explain how it has been expanded with a number of additional pre-installed open source components to handle persistence, ingress traffic, and on-premise load balancing. In this talk, we will also introduce OpenNebula’s native model for hybrid and multi-cloud computing, which allows a unified management of diverse workloads and applications leveraging resources from different public cloud and edge infrastructure providers. Participants will be able to see a demo, showing how to bring all those features and technologies together in order to launch and manage a multi-cluster Kubernetes deployment across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments.


Photo of Marco Mancini Marco Mancini