Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Exploring WebAssembly with Forth (and vice versa)

Artisanal, minimal, just-in-time compilation for the web and beyond

Forth is an extremely minimalistic yet powerful language. Its minimalism has historically made it the language of choice to explore and directly interact with the lowest levels of systems, traditionally the hardware. However, you can also use Forth to explore the low levels of the web platform: WebAssembly.

In this talk, I’ll dive into the details of WAForth, a tiny but complete Forth interpreter and dynamic compiler for and written in WebAssembly. You’ll see some Forth in action, read hand-written WebAssembly code, get introduced to tools used for working with WebAssembly, hear about JIT compilation for WebAssembly, and learn how you can move all this outside the web platform into native code.


Photo of Remko Tronçon Remko Tronçon