Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


A deep dive inside the Rust frontend for GCC

Started in 2014, the gccrs project is working toward creating an alternative compiler implementation for the Rust programming language. At the moment, the project targets the 1.49 version of the language and hopes to catch up once that milestone is reached.

In that talk, we will explore some of the components inside gccrs, as well as dive into some of the hurdles encountered during the project's lifetime.

Finally, we will explore ways to cross-pollinate with the Rust community, in order to help and benefit both projects. Specifically, we will dive into some ways we plan to share components with rustc, and how to achieve that: namely, we will look at how we plan on integrating the Polonius project to perform borrow-checking inside gccrs, what our efforts with running the rustc 1.49 testsuite are, and what we need to achieve to start being useful to the Rust- for-Linux project.


Arthur Cohen