Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Melrōse, a music programming environment

new language to program MIDI sequences

Melrōse is both a language and a tool to create and listen to music interactively, The language uses musical primitives (note, sequence, chord) and many functions (map, group, transpose) that can be used to create more complex patterns, loops and tracks. Melrōse uses MIDI output to produce sound by any (hard or software) device attached. Melrōse can also react on MIDI inputs to start, record and stop playing musical objects. A plugin is available for Microsoft Visual Studio for the best usage experience.

Music is like a structured language so why not try to program parts of it. With Melrōse I found a good mix between writing music and interacting using audio feedback. The presentation will be come with lot of tunes, sounds and demos.




Photo of Ernest Micklei Ernest Micklei