Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Responsible Clouds and the Green Web Triangle

How to make the climate case for a diverse cloud ecosystem

In this short talk, we'll present a way to see the discourse around digital sovereignty through a climate lens - understanding how the concepts that support having a vibrant diverse set of cloud providers can result in a healthy ecosystem climate wise , and also in terms of values alignment too.

We'll introduce a useful model, known as the Green Web Triangle, for talking about the trade-offs we currently make when choosing digital services that can help technologists have productive conversations with budget holders and policy makers.

Finally we'll explore how competing on transparency with open source is a valid strategy where existing incumbent cloud providers cannot do the same - organisations with legally binding carbon reductions are now required by investors and policy to report on efficiency and sustainability in ways that are currently impossible with most incumbent providers, but doing so will be a legal necessity, as new laws around sustainability reporting come into effect in 2024. We'll end with Q and A to explore these new developments and how to make the most of the changing policy landscape to move towards a more open, diverse ecosystem of companies building the cloud platforms we need for a sustainable, pluralistic diverse internet.


Photo of Chris Adams Chris Adams