Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


LibreOffice graphics subsystems - SystemSpecificRenderers

Providing a working Example and report about progress/findings during development

I held a presentation at LibreOffice Conference 2022 with the Title "LibreOffice graphics subsystems - History & Visions - From Win3.1 GDI to scene graphs". There I explained in detail the past, common and possible future graphics subsystems for LibreOffice. One aspect of this is the transition/escape path to get to new shores and allow to let old stuff completely behind, so reaching new shores. When I prepared that talk I started to implement a complete and working example how to do system-specific PrimitiveRenderers. I promised to continue and finish that in my private time, so I managed to get a working version. In this talk/presentation I want to talk about the process, what experiences I made to create the example, about upstream stuff that had to be done in master to prepare the ground for others and about the state of affairs. I will also make a short presentation/comparison with a version of the office that uses that new technic with the current one to present made achievements.


Photo of Armin Le Grand Armin Le Grand