Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Introducing MOTIS Project

An Open Source Door-to-Door Routing Platform

MOTIS is a modular mobility platform that was released as Open Source in May 2020. It's main functionality is its high performance door to door routing. However, MOTIS comes with "batteries included" and provides additional modules for input (e.g. auto-complete for station names and addresses) and output (embedded map tile server, departure and arrival tables, vehicle locations, etc.) as well as an Android app and web user interface (all open source). MOTIS offers a JSON-API via HTTP(S). It reads timetables in GTFS and can update its data model with GTFS-RT. Our current focus is the profile-based computation of fully accessible routes for people with disabilities as well as the implementation of a data model and algorithms that can efficiently work with timetables of arbitrary length.

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Photo of Felix G√ľndling Felix G√ľndling