Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


SQL on Ceph

An introduction to the new libcephsqlite library.

Ceph was originally designed to fill a need for a distributed file system within scientific computing environments but has since grown to become a dominant unified software-defined distribute storage system. Today, it is also notably used as an enterprise-quality block device and object store provider. This talk will cover the new development of an SQLite Virtual File System (VFS) on top of Ceph's distributed object store (RADOS). I will show how SQL can now be run on Ceph for both its internal use and for new application storage requirements.

The talk will cover:

  • Existing storage abstractions on Ceph.
  • Very brief introduction to RADOS.
  • Very brief introduction to SQLite and its VFS abstraction.
  • The libcephsqlite library and how it works.
  • How to use libcephsqlite in an application.
  • How Ceph uses libcephsqlite.
  • What's in the future?


Patrick Donnelly