Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


What's new in Delve / Tracing Go programs with eBPF

This talk will cover all the new features and changes in Delve since the last in-person FOSDEM and then go right into a deep-dive into how Delve enables extremely low-overhead tracing of Go programs using eBPF. Attendees will learn not only how to use this new feature of Delve, but also how they can leverage eBPF in their own Go programs. I will start by introducing this new feature, showcasing how it can be used, and then I will take the audience into an in-depth look at how it is implemented under the hood. The talk will feature a code walkthrough and detailed explanation of the technical details that went into making this feature a reality. I will also talk in depth about the libraries and approaches used to enable Go programs to leverage eBPF, which will empower attendees to implement such a feature in their own applications as well.

This talk is accessible to any level of Go programmer, from novice to advanced. Novice users will get a lot of benefit from learning how to use the tracing feature in Delve to track down problems in their code, while intermediate to advanced users will get a lot of information from the technical deep dive and will also walk away with the knowledge of how to integrate eBPF programs into their own codebases. The information in this talk will be practical and immediately applicable to attendees in their day-to-day Go development.


Derek Parker