Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Be pushy! Let's join for wider and better Kotlin support worldwide

Come to see some of the actions the community has done to push Kotlin further, and get inspiration on how to join or lead that movement for higher software quality and compatibility.

Wish SDK X supported Kotlin Multiplatform? Wish it had coroutines and Flows instead of callbacks? With some bug you encounter in the IDE was fixed? Wish that idea you just had makes it to Kotlin? Wish function as a service from cloud provider Y had first-class Kotlin support? Wish scripting in app Z supported Kotlin?

Well, YOU, can join the push to have more and better Kotlin APIs, and better Kotlin tooling, beyond IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

How? There's no definite answer, but you'll learn stories about how people are leading that push, all for higher software quality, and wider compatibility.

Do you know the story of how Kotlin got installed on all GitHub Actions runners? You'll learn about that, too.

Hopefully, that will inspire you enough to become an effective ally in the push for more Kotlin worldwide!


Photo of Louis CAD Louis CAD