Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Migrating from proprietary to Open-Source knowledge management tools

We can observe in the latest years that individuals, companies and institutions are more driven towards Open Source Software due to privacy concerns, vendor lock in, data lock in and ethical reasons. When choosing a tool for Knowledge Management, many great Open Source tools are available and can meet any needs from documentation networks to digital intranets and even public websites. 

However, migrating from a tool to another can be difficult and discouraging due to missing modules, incompatibility, unclear documentation or a steep learning curve. At XWiki we understood these concerns and made efforts to continuously improve our migration tools and welcome any user wishing to migrate from other software to XWiki. 

During this presentation we will demonstrate how to seamlessly migrate from Confluence and Sharepoint to XWiki while maintaining the content structure, history, and metadata. 


Photo of Stefana Nazare Stefana Nazare