Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Matter and Thread as Connectivity Solution for Embedded

Matter is the new kid in town when it comes to IoT protocols. As an application layer protocol based on IPv6 it aims to be the language for IoT devices. With Thread it supports a low-power wireless protocol which allows sleepy devices to operate on a coin cell battery for years and still allow end-to-end connectivity. This talk will look at the technology in Thread and Matter and its open source implementations. Topics include mesh capabilities of Thread, the border router and service discovery.

Based on my OpenThread FOSDEM talk from last year this shows an extended blueprint we created for the Oniro project to provide a connectivity solution for embedded devices running Linux or Zephyr. The Matter specification, together with an open source SDK, got just released in October 2022. As Matter is based on IPv6 it can run over a different number of connectivity solutions. From the start it supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Thread. The later being a low-power wireless protocol for a few years already, but without to much traction. With Matter support this might change in 2023 and forward. With border router support in popular devices like Apple Homepod and TV, Google Nest and Wi-Fi or Eero access points the needed technology infrastructure will become available in normal households.


Photo of Stefan Schmidt Stefan Schmidt