Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


CANCELLED First class support in OSS

Secure and Confidential Cluster Monitoring in a fully Open Source project

Please note that this talk has been cancelled. A natural consequence of Software Defined Storage is that your software must operate on a wide variety of platforms that you, as a developer, have little control over. Therefore a big challenge can be to perform system inspection to help identify software and hardware bottlenecks and issues.

When you are dealing with customers who expect a large amount of confidentiality, how can you get detailed information on a system level? How do you provide system diagnosis that goes beyond “regular” Prometheus style monitoring?

In this talk I will show the tools we have developed that allow our customers to validate and get instant status of their clusters. I will demonstrate how I and our other engineers can rapidly generate information about system setups and detailed metrics for assisting in setup and other support questions.

  • Introduction to MinIO

  • Providing support

    • Environments
    • Expected Confidentiality
    • Providing value
    • The challenge of gathering information
  • Typical Monitoring

    • Prometheus
    • Audit (request) logging
  • User triggered “health checks”

    • Provides analysis of static elements
    • Checks can be added/modified
    • Example
  • “Call home” in Open Source

    • Benefit from the negative connotations.
    • Design/Safety/Confidenciality - Power of OSS
    • Provide “alert level” notifications without setup.
    • Provide instant notifications.
    • Full opt-in.
  • Support flow overview.

  • QA


Photo of Klaus Post Klaus Post