Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


KUKSA.val Vehicle Abstraction

In-vehicle access to standardized VSS Vehicle Signals

We will show-case how Eclipse KUKSA project can help to leverage the advantages of a standardized description of vehicle signals. A large challenge for automotive software is the lack of standardization inside a vehicle. The basic data fabric of a vehicle consists of "signals", such as for example the speed of the vehicle or the state of a door. For this kind of data traditionally there was no standardized way how it is represented or transmitted. This makes even seemingly simple end-to-end applications such as "upload mileage to the cloud" very hard and costly in the industry. With the COVESA Vehicle Signal Specification ( there exist an approach that is currently quickly adopted throughout the industry addressing this by introducing a domain taxonomy for vehicle signals.

KUKSA.val is an Open Source solution that helps transforming and serving such standardised signals inside a vehicle computer enabling faster development of reusable cross-fleet in-vehicle software.

The talk will show the architectural answer given by the Eclipse KUKSA project to leverage the COVESA Vehicle Signal Specification inside a vehicle: We will show how to use KUKSA components to gather and transform the data from lower embedded layers in the vehicle, and providing them in a secure way to apps and services. We will take a look the APIs provided in KUKSA and touch upon questions of data security and privacy. This demonstrates why within the context of the current Software Defined Vehicle Trend, Vehicle Computers are a worthwhile target for OSS solutions. A lot of benefit can be created by adopting standardised solutions for common challenges, laying a solid and cost-effective foundation for all kind of applications and services on top.


Photo of Sebastian Schildt Sebastian Schildt