Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Challenges in Home Energy Management

How to best use your own PV-generated power

We all need to help decarbonize our world. It's hard to get hold of a PV system or heat pump for your household these days, but the real challenge to home owners is to implement a comprehensive energy management that makes best possible use of their own solar (excess) power. There's organizational, regulatory and electro-technical challenges and those specific to control, be it with 'autonomously' acting appliances such as EV chargers and heat pumps or 'simple' things like to detect a washing machine's operational state. And what sort and extent of behavioral change will "household operators" accept ?

I will have a rapid talk about real world issues we have encountered when developing and deploying a Home Energy Management System based on openHAB. It's covering the most power intensive use cases of a household: EV charging, heat pump and white goods operations.


Photo of Markus Storm Markus Storm