Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Toward better Kotlin Multiplatform architecture with Dependency Injection and KSP

Dependency Injection has become boring in Kotlin Multiplatform projects. Now compiler plugins can make the use of this pattern exciting again! Kotlin Symbol Processor (KSP) brings the fun back and helps us manage our dependencies with a nice fully typed API. Let's deep dive into it and see how it works.

In this presentation we will talk about what makes Compiler plugins useful. How they help us build more reliable applications by reducing boilerplate and generating robust APIs.

How we generate code and why can be confusing or misunderstanding. So, we will take Dependency Injection as an excuse for our Kotlin Symbol Processor tour. First of all, we will configure a new processor module. Then we will see how we can create our own Kotlin symbol processor to enhance our architecture by providing a fully typed Dependency Injection API.


Photo of Romain Boisselle Romain Boisselle