Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Drawing your Kubernetes cluster the right way

how to present the cluster without scaring people

An explanation of the structure of any complex system becomes more easily digestible and less confusing if it is accompanied by simple and understandable diagrams. Different subject areas have their own ways of depicting objects. In the case of Kubernetes clusters, this task becomes very non-trivial. Traditional network diagrams are a poor fit for a container orchestrator; official emblems have features that require their careful and moderate use. Finally, the complexity of Kubernetes makes it very easy to overload a drawing with details. We will look at how Kubernetes clusters are usually drawn by various authors. It will show how auxiliary tools such as color coding, grouping, and eye anchoring can make the cluster diagram more understandable... and how not to get the opposite effect when drawing your cluster.


Photo of Dmitriy Kostiuk Dmitriy Kostiuk