Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Advanced programmable use of Liquidsoap with FFmpeg

Explore how the liquidsoap language can be used in new, safe ways for building media pipelines and leverage FFmpeg functionalities

In the three years that have passed since the last Liquidsoap presentation, much change has happened! During this walk we will: * Give an update on the community growth during the pandemic and recap what we learned during our two liquidshop events that mixed technical presentations with actual user projects presentations! * Present some the recent advanced in the Liquidsoap language and how they can be be used to leverage awesome programming language ideas to create powerful, rich and safe media project scripts * Showcase the new integration with FFmpeg and how Liquidsoap provides flexible and advanced usage of the excellent FFmpeg features and APIs.

This talk should be of interest for anyone with interest in community radio, media broadcasting and anything related to audio and video handling in general, including integration with online APIs and websites and more!

We would also love to present and discuss our implementation of media APIs and the new abstractions that could be emerging in future implementations.


Romain Beauxis