Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Delta-like Streaming of (encrypted) OTA Updates for RAUC

OTA updates should happen frequently and install quickly even with growing OS and application sizes at limited data throughput and limited on-target storage. Untrusted cloud storage or communication channels also increase the need for encryption.

This talk will give an overview of how the RAUC update framework had to overcome some limitations of the early design to address these challenges without compromising its original goals.

In 2015, the RAUC update framework was started as an Open Source project to end the era of home-grown shell-script Embedded Linux and IoT system update 'solutions'. More than seven years later, RAUC has been used in many diverse projects, of which Valve's Steam Deck is probably the most widely known.

The focus of this talk will be the introduction of the 'verity' update bundle format in RAUC that has not only improved the verification process but has also allowed extending RAUC by built-in HTTP(S) network streaming support, adaptive delta-like updates, and full bundle encryption.

Driven by the frequent demand to allow decoupling more frequent app or container updates from full A/B OS updates, the talk will give an outlook on recent developments about reconciling this with RAUC's principles.


Enrico J├Ârns