Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Lomiri Mobile Linux in Desktop mode

Lomiri and the myth of the pocket size desktop computer

The commonalization of desktop, phone & tablet, with the goal of providing the most user-friendly shell to the hands of users. With years of development behind it and a strong community of enthusiasts around it, Lomiri is well positioned to provide a delightful experience to both power users as well as ordinary users, powered by future-proof technologies.

In this presentation he will demonstrate how over the last 5 years Ubuntu Touch convergence has evolved from vision to reality. Switching from the custom windowing protocol it used to a commonly shared one, adapting to the defacto-standard systems layer for GNU/Linux systems, software pieces that work in tandem to provide UI features such as workspaces with window snapping and resolution specific window scaling, and managing app lifecycles in a scenario-based way.


Alfred Neumayer