Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


CNI 2.0: Vive la révolution

CNI 2.0 is coming. And we all rely on CNI for setting up our networking in Kubernetes. But what do YOU want to see in it? Doug wants to let you know what he’s been thinking about for CNI 2.0 – and invite you to join the revolution. Did you know CNI is container orchestration agnostic? It’s not Kubernetes specific. Should it stay that way? People are looking for translation layers between Kubernetes and CNI itself. Have you engaged in the war between JSON and YAML? If you’re a Kubernetes user, and a CNI user, maybe you have. We need a way to make sure these disparate worlds meet, peacefully. Let’s make sure CNI is here to stay to give the community the flexibility in Kubernetes networking that we all deserve, and fight the good fight for our sysadmins so we keep the CNI API alive to promote a healthy open source ecosystem and avoid vendor lock-in.


Photo of Douglas Smith Douglas Smith