Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


KRuMP - Kotlin-Rust-Multiplatform?!

How to write bugs once and ship them to many platforms.

Rust is a fast rising star in the pantheon of programming languages and comes with some interesting properties in regard to Multiplatform. On the other side, Kotlin promises with KMP as well Multiplatform capabilities. Are both set up to be rivals, or could both complement each other? What could Kotlin learn from Rust, and where might Rust borrow from Kotlin? The talk will give you an opinionated introduction into KMP with Rust in terms of tooling, developer experience and all the things I discovered so far. It will not sell you a ready to go product, but rather an idea.

This talk will bring you the good word of Multiplatform in terms of Kotlin and Rust. It will on board you to the idea of Multiplatform and what it means in terms of Kotlin and Rust each. This also means it will explain some keyconcepts which are characterizing for the work with it in regard to your Multiplatform project. It will show you, how you can use Rust and KMP on iOS, Web and of course Android. Also, it shares some pitfalls, workarounds and other lessons learned from failures with you. Let’s figure out if this is the beginning of a love story!


Matthias Geisler