Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


What is Digital Sovereignty and how can OSS help to achieve it?

Demystifying an important term that has become a buzzword

Sovereignty is more than having control over data and complying to data protection legislation. We'll dive into some important aspects and link it to the Open Source movement. The presenter will share how the Sovereign Cloud Stack translates these aspects into its project.

Digital Sovereignty and Sovereign Clouds are becoming hot topics in the public discussion. However, we observe the terms being used in inflationary manners -- which reminds us of greenwashing marketing campaigns.

So let's discuss what aspects there are of digital sovereignty. What options, possibilities, powers could operators and consumers of digital technology have and what balance can be stricken between them?

How can technology change the balance? In particular how do modern cloud/container platforms play into this?

Technology does make a difference. The Sovereign Cloud Stack has identified three areas where it wants to contribute in support of the consumers: Standards, Fully Open Implementation, and Open Operations. These topics will be introduced and filled with real-world experience from the SCS project.


Photo of Kurt Garloff Kurt Garloff