Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Operating Ceph from Ceph Dashboard

Past, Present and Furture

The talk will give you an overview of managing Ceph with the Ceph Dashboard and how we tried to simplify the management of the Ceph cluster. We will talk about the current architecture of the Ceph Dashboard and how you can easily deploy and manage and monitor the Ceph cluster. This talk will also cover the current and newly added features of the Ceph Dashboard and also talk about its future. This will also cover how as a developer and user you can contribute to the Ceph Dashboard.

We will also have a demo at the end where we'll show how easily we can deploy the Ceph Cluster starting from zero and then how you can manage different components of Ceph and monitor the insightful information of the cluster.

Agenda: Introduction to Dashboard, Why we need management, Architecture of Dashboard, Key features, what's coming Next?, Demo

Target audience: Ceph, Ceph Management and Monitoring


Ankush Behl
Nizamudeen A