Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Devroom kick-off talk: UKI? DDI?? Oh my!!!

Introducing and decoding image-based Linux terminology and concepts

Confused about all these new acronyms? Look no further: we will introduce and decode common terminology and concepts that are needed to follow the development of image-based Linux, especially covering other topics that will be presented and discussed as part of the devroom.

The UAPI Group introduced a set of acronyms, terms and concepts within the scope of image-based Linux. We will introduce topics such as UKI (Unified Kernel Image), DDI (Discoverable Disk Image), sysext (system extension), syscfg (system configuration), portables (portable services), and more. We will discuss where these concepts apply, what they can be used for, how they integrate and form the basis of our vision for image-based Linux, and where they are implemented and how today. Other talks in this devroom will make heavy use of these acronyms.


Photo of Luca Boccassi Luca Boccassi