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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2016
10:00 systemd and Where We Want to Take the Basic Linux Userspace in 2016 BSDCG Exam Session
  Closing the gap between Distros (devs) and their Users (ops)
  Free Java 2016 Welcome - Saturday
10:30 The State of OpenJDK Community Based Testing Growing the MySQL Ecosystem Automated Implementation of PCI-DSS compliant solution using open-source tools Cloud Transcoding Architecture with FFMPEG; Scale and Distribution with Kaltura Transcoding Firefox OS: Why we exist FOSS TCAD/EDA tools for semiconductor device modeling Arrival & Informal Discussions A CoAP library for making developer's life simplier The GNU Guile Project AMENDMENT: PJSIP: a free and open source multimedia communication library Migrating the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, in one single move Opening note An introduction to LXD Scheduling in The Age of Virtualization MIPS, the other side of the embedded Python tips, tricks and dark magic
  An exploration of the seL4 kernel from Genode's perspective
10:45 Single-pass Graph Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink
  Adding GNU/Hurd support to GNU Guix Eternal Plugfest
  MySQL 5.7 & JSON Building a WebRTC application
11:00 AMENDMENT: Cockpit: A Linux Session in your Browser Digital Hardware Design: Why is it still so hard? This Is Not A Drill - Preparing for JDK 9 Building add-ons for Firefox with WebExtensions Identity Management with midPoint Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom Synchronised multi-device media playback with GStreamer Design for All versus Design for One and Adaptive User Interfaces Gnucap and related work Welcome A distributed control system for the Internet of Things Distributions from the view of a package Junit-contracts Enhance protection from security bugs in the Xen hypervisor AsteroidOS: architecture of a FOSS smartwatch platform How to (actually) make games with python
  Free as in freedom. The importance of FOSS in the surveillance era An Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers From pets to cattle to flock of birds—why you'll never need to ssh into a server again and what else the future will bring for appops
  wisp: simplest whitespace Scheme Contributing to the help of LibreOffice using the HelpAuthoring extension
  What's new in MySQL 5.7? Janus: the general purpose WebRTC Gateway
11:30 The HotSpot Whitebox-Testing API Developing addons for Firefox OS Security in IoT; more a cultural chock than a technical challenge Dependency management and licencing information What's new in VLC and libVLC? GPII Qucs: overview, status and roadmap Accessing Web Services from IoT Devices Paving a path to greater network freedom Building Linux distribution packages with Docker Cleaning up the spellcheck dictionary "I find your lack of threads disturbing" Why, but why, async and await keywords have been included in Python 3.5
  Porting HelenOS to RISC-V
  What's coming up in containers?
11:45 The openCypher Project The community Guile could have
  Lowering the bar for new developers
  Testing interoperability with closed-source software through scriptable diplomacy
12:00 Enterprise desktop at home with FreeIPA and GNOME GNU Radio for Exploring Signals Rock the Helpful Web with SUMO Security and privacy in your embedded systems Community impacts of legal decisions Creating interactive experiences with video Designing accessible applications Building system-on-chips with Migen and MiSoC Make with Ada - Small Projects to Have Fun with Ada! Build an IoT platform on Matrix A gentle introduction to functional package management with GNU Guix Real-time Charging for distributed communication platforms using CGRateS Haiku's package management LPI Exam Session 1 FPGA Manager & devicetree overlays Exploring our Python Interpreter
  Shenandoah, Theory and Practice MySQL Group Replication or how good theory gets into better practice
  Improving the toolbars in LibreOffice
12:15 Docker for Developers QEMU for Xen secure by default
  Sharp.Xmpp, a multiplatform .NET XMPP client library and Android
12:30 AMENDMENT: How well do you delegate? ANALYZE for statements: MariaDB's new tool for diagnosing the optimizer IoT meets Security When is Distribution not Distribution? Adding subtitles to the dash.js player Blender as virtual studio lighting playground PostgreSQL features for IoT Your distro is a Scheme library Introducing game-data-packager Inside sidebar This is not a lunch break open source FPGA toolchain and hardware Camelot for desktop and mobile
  The AArch32 Project - ARM32 support in our lifetimes
12:45 Modeling a Philosophical Inquiry: from MySQL to a graph database
  The state of XMPP and instant messaging UI event fuzzing via american-fuzzy-lop Filesystem defragmentation strategies Testing embedded systems
  Rolling out Global Transaction IDs at Dropbox
13:00 Open-sourcing RIPE Atlas Vulkan in Open-Source Why develop eco-conscious Libre Hardware? The use of OpenSource software in Mozilla Tizen 3.0 platform security model Why Open Core Licensing Sucks!! GPAC/MP4Box.js Tips & Tricks for logo creation GHDL what's new Adopting an Ada Program - the Experience of Whitaker's Words Code Orchestration Foreign packages in GNU Guix Homebrew - Things We Do Differently Real-Time Cloud NemoTablet, a FOSS DIY tablet using Raspberry Pi 2 Gunicorn, more than a WSGI server
  Back to the future
13:15 Designing High Performance RTC Signaling Servers
  Running PostgreSQL on a VAX MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine Guile Config
  Scaling with Kubernetes, Automatically!
13:30 Hunting the bug from Hell How Your Data Helps to Improve Firefox USBGuard What will be new in Kodi version 17 DIY mobile usability testing Digital mixed-language simulators Creating a 3D Game Engine in Windows - Lessons Learned from Doom 3 BFG Create Offline IoT Experiences with Beacons VirtualBox Guest Additions and Linux distributions LibreOffice Online internals Tools that helped to build HelenOS Using Python and XMPP to build a decentralized social network
  AMENDMENT: How to develop eco-conscious Libre Hardware Good news, everybody! Guile 2.2 performance notes Reigniting Openfire
13:45 More on gdb for MySQL DBAs Real-time scalable graph analytics Testing complex software in CI
  Mail merge embedding in LibreOffice Writer
  A distro for industrial R&D to be released by Électricité De France
14:00 What Do Code Reviews at Microsoft and in Open Source Projects Have in Common? Libreboot - free your BIOS today! AMENDMENT: Arguman.org An HTTP/2 update Can we run C code and be safe? Legal and policy issues around the use of open source software in public administrations and around the participation of public servants in open source communities Implementing a native Daala decoder in FFmpeg Open source in non software design A Free and Open Source Verilog-to-Bitstream Flow for iCE40 FPGAs Informal Discussions Smart.JS, a tale of two platforms How awesome ended up with Lua and not Guile CGroups: resources management inside and outside of a container LPI Exam Session 2 Bringing Host Lifecycle and Content Management into oVirt Make your own USB device without pain and money! Practical execution tricks from 10 years of Mercurial.
  Clusternaut: Orchestrating Percona XtraDB Cluster with Kubernetes Exporting shapes to DrawingML Porting Nix to Genode
14:15 Lightning Talks
  Open-Source Neuroheadset Brain-Duino The future of small languages Peer to Peer Realtime with Blockchains
  Marlin renderer, a successful fork and join the OpenJDK 9 project
14:30 Firefox Performance Monitoring Lessons learned running SSL at scale MediaConch Open source design in the UK Government? Heterogeneous Parallel Computing with Ada Tasking Introduction to IoT.js odpdown - markdown to slides Going beyond the CPython C API
  Fault Tolerance with Kubernetes
  Crazyflie 2.0 LibreOffice and PostgreSQL Jenkins as a Code
14:45 Arabesque: A Distributed Graph Mining Platform From SIP to WebRTC and vice versa Hurd, Rump kernel, sound, and USB Reactive processing in oVirt
  Reliable crash detection and failover with Orchestrator
15:00 H2O: An Open-Source Platform for Machine Learning and Big Data/Big Math Rspamd - fast opensource spam filter Programming a Board Game Thermostat for Developers Automated UI testing on FxOS An overview openconnect VPN Software Patents After Alice: A Long and Sad Tail What makes Upipe great for video processing Designing with and for developers Designing with KiCAD of OSHW 64-bit ARM board Micro- and Macro-Optimizing a Distributed System APIs, APIs all the way down or free software as IoT enabler elasticsearch-lua Handling crashes in LibreOffice Leveraging Docker in Automotive projects based on AGL/GENIVI FAT Python
  Liberating communication with Matrix Using P.Haul to migrate containers
15:15 Always in the shadow: the history of Minix-vmd
  Java with syslog-ng PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA and SYS Schema Continuous Integration with Lua LibreOffice extension development
15:30 AMENDMENT: Fault Injection Testing With BMUnit Xen Project Security Response War Stories Broadcast-to-IP conversion for Wifi indoor coverage Designers Vs developers KiCad Project Status Lepton a FOSS OS for IoT Where are your symbols, debuginfo and sources? Sweep Away the Garbage
  Libct and application containers Simulating Humanoid Robots in the Cloud: the testing behind the biggest world competition
  C Code Refactoring The LibreOffice Release Baseline
15:45 MySQL operations in Docker Gradoop: Scalable Graph Analytics with Apache Flink
  Web development in Lua Testing Webchat Stability
  Genode's TrustZone demo on the USB Armory
16:00 Gluster roadmap, recent improvements and upcoming features Applying band-aids over security wounds with systemtap Converting LiquidThreads to Flow WebIDL: the language of Web APIs Ramping up Security at an open-source startup: Lessons learned. Copyleft For the Next Decade Building a wireless camera from off-the-shelf wifi dongles and using Open Source projects. Designer's compromises in Open Source PCBmodE, a PCB design tool with a twist Controlling a Train Model with GNAT GPL for Raspberry Pi 2 Open-Source 6LoWPAN IoT BSP The story of a declarative & structured format for build and integration instructions Finally building LibreOffice on Windows LibreOffice Exam Session 1 Create Offline Embedded & Mobile Experiences How do I pay my bills
  Introducing new SQL syntax and improving performance with preparse Query Rewrite Plugins Lua: the Language of the Web? New horizons for the CRIU project
  Measure Twice, Code Once Huge code bases - Application monitoring with Hystrix New features in Gerrit Code Review 2.11
16:30 Leveraging the Open Web to work & play with microcontrollers F-Droid: building the private, unblockable app store Over-the-air Audio Identification Overcoming your designer ego NPLN CrazyFlie Drone Software in SPARK Ada Building an IoT Empire XMPP: Beyond standards How to properly blame things for causing latency Federated identity in OpenStack Embedded Multicore Building Blocks (EMB²) Introduction to the Pyramid web framework
  MySQL Parallel Replication: inventory, use-case and limitations The MH experiment
  Aversive++ Hammerspoon Snakes On A Plain Office
16:45 Benchmarking graph databases with gMark Container mechanics in rkt and Linux
  Bug hunting with Apache Lucene
  Creating rich WebRTC applications with Kurento
17:00 Rearchitecting Linux I/O towards Petascale Storage How to run a telco on free software CYTOMINE : a web platform for collaborative analysis of multi-gigapixel images with machine learning. Micro-benchmarking JavaScript tips Testing Cryptography in WolfSSL Who controls your project? Governance in the real world Nageru: Taking free software video mixing into 2016 Connecting design students & open source projects A proposal for data interchange between EDA tools Memory Management with Ada 2012 Lmod: Building a Community around an Environment Modules Tool Do Software Collections still matter? DrawingLayer Primitives Workshop Free Software Automotive stack(s) that run on available hardware Guix-tox, a functional version of tox
17:15 Build a Basic Cloud Using RDO-manager
  ircb Java 9: Juggling the Jigsaw TokuDB in 15 Minutes, What You Need to Know Visual Class Libraries Powering Twitter's infrastructure with containers
  Tackling non-determinism in Hadoop
17:30 AMENDMENT: Building an IoT Empire Develop your own media portal How can I contribute? The future of what we call EDA may not be so bleak LGSL: Numerical algorithms for Lua Reproducible and Customizable Deployments with GNU Guix Managing Python Packages with Pulp
  VoIP Troubleshooting with Sipcapture Tools
  Movim - The Kickass Social Network Using Android Studio to debug the LibreOffice Viewer for Android
17:45 The Query Rewrite Plugin Interface Analyzing Github Social Interactions with Graphs How to get your Idea into Upstream OpenStack
  What we learned: Developing the Prosody XMPP server in Lua Ad-hoc Lightning talk session
18:00 Ian Murdock Mail2Voice Next - the future of an accessible email client Privacy and Tracking protection in Firefox TL;DR on legal strategy for commercial ventures i-score sovereign project BOF Developers looking for designers? Show off your project! Promoting friendship and collaboration between open-source EDA projects A Command-Line Driver Generator How we built a decentralized blogging engine with XMPP Turris Omnia - Opensource SOHO router Dealing with past you
  Factoryboy: Creating data for unit tests in an easy way
  Galera Replication Demistified Creating a custom Django Middleware
  Beacons in public transport for visually-impaired people in a FOSS mobile app Design and Implementation of the MoonGen Packet Generator
  TLS and SIP - what works and what doesn't?
18:30 Open Source is being ruined and it’s all our fault Introduction to video reverse engineering Informal Discussions & Closing Jetpack, a container runtime for FreeBSD Frosted Embedded POSIX OS
  The road to liberating software at the lower levels Tarantool: an in-memory NoSQL database and execution grid