Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Using Python and XMPP to build a decentralized social network

Why you should use Python for your software

Libervia is a multi frontend decentralized social network. This talk explain how Python has been a good choice for developing this software.

Building a decentralized communication software is a difficult task. The choice of the technologies to use when you start a new project will have a big impact on its life expectancy, and on the time you'll need to develop features.

We have choosed Python for our development, and we don't regret it. We'll do a feedback of our experience, and specially on:

  • Twisted/Wokkel which are in the core of our project (asynchronous framework)
  • Pyjamas that we are using to build our web frontend (python -> javascript transpiler)
  • Urwid that we use for our console frontend
  • Kivy that we use for our desktop/mobile frontend
  • standard library modules which saved us a lot of time

and we'll talk about the global benefits to expect by using a popular language like Python.


Jérôme Poisson (Goffi)