Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Bringing Host Lifecycle and Content Management into oVirt

Powerful Management of your Virtualized Data-Center

In this session I'll show an overview of oVirt (Virtualization Management), Foreman (Host Lifecycle Management), and Katello (Content Management), and show how we use the latter two in oVirt to give a Powerful Virtualizaed Data-Center Management system.

Foreman support already started in oVirt 3.3, where we allow to add Foreman-managed hosts as oVirt hypervisors. In 3.5 we've also added Bare-Metal provisioning - get a hypervisor running in one Click! In 3.6 we've added support for showing content information for Hosts/VMs managed through Katello. And the sky's the limit!

In addition, in 3.6 we introduced the host upgrade manager feature in oVirt, so I'll talk about that as well, and show how you can easily upgrade your hypervisors. In the session I'll deep dive into each part of these functionality, covering also future plans to integrate the three to give a wider solution to our users.


Oved Ourfali