Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Leveraging Docker in Automotive projects based on AGL/GENIVI

Lessons learnt while building AGL binary images in a cloud environment with containers

Light virtualisation is often viewed as a security mechanism providing isolation on a production device or as a quick deployment tool for Cloud services. But it can also be used in automotive projects as a tool to ease the development phase. This talk focuses on Docker benefits for the whole development cycle of an automotive project: it can increase build speeds and allows easier sharing of common snapshots between developers. Platform and application developments can also benefit from containers at various stages. Long term support is equally made easier.

This talk focuses on Docker usages in AGL project and will demonstrate: * how to use containers to increase snapshots build speed * how to share a reference environment amongst developers * how to create a binary distribution for platform and application development * how to get ubiquity: development on the cloud, on-premises, on a single laptop * how to run some QA tasks more easily * how to use containers for long term support


Photo of St├ęphane Desneux St├ęphane Desneux