Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


AMENDMENT: Fault Injection Testing With BMUnit

BMUnit is the package which integrates Byteman into JUnit and TestNG, enabling you to locally redefine the behaviour of application or JDK runtime code for the duration of a single test or group of related tests. BMUnit is very simple to use; just add a few annotations to your test classes and place a few jars in your classpath. This talk will explain how BMUnit works by presenting and executing tests which exemplify the 3 most common use cases:

  • injecting trace code so you can be sure your tests enter the expected code paths

  • injecting validation rules so you can assert that specific outcomes do occur

  • injecting 'faults' to modify state or control flow, driving the application or JDK runtime down the path needed to exercise a desired test scenario

(Please note that this talk replaces 'Displaying Application Events in Thermostat Using Byteman')


Photo of Andrew Dinn Andrew Dinn