Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Lightning Talks

Come present your topic to the Distributions audience!

Miss the CFP? Think of a topic on the way here? From a different devroom and want to present your topic to the distributions community?

Lightning talks are for you! Come by the devroom and sign up for a short speaking slot.

Pre-Accepted Talks: * Linux Server Administration for non-expert users - Alessio Fattorini

Using a Linux server for an organization infrastructure has many undeniable benefits: stability, security, hardware performance, TCO, freedom. But that doesn't mean there aren't some drawbacks (usually outweighed by the benefits), that we should consider and try to reduce or remove.

Introducing a Linux server in an organization usually has a pretty significant impact: new process, new interface to learn (CLI), new commands and services, new way of doing pretty much everything on the infrastructure. Unexperienced (on Linux) members of the IT team will be most likely skeptical of such a new solution, therefore we have to deal with the resistance to change, which is common and understandable, or we will end up with part of IT team members being left behind by these changes to their work routine. Improving this situation is mandatory and that’s exactly the mission of the NethServer project: make a Linux distribution for servers more accessible, easier to adopt and simpler to understand, thanks to a powerful and extensible web interface that simplifies common administration tasks. Because we believe simplicity can still be powerful.


Brian Stinson