Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Back to the future

Typographic quality WYSIWYG document editing and form filling in the cloud

One of the best thing, that could have happened to LibreOffice is the development its online version.

We can edit typographic quality documents in a browser using arbitrary page layout with page styles, headers and footers, footnotes, linked frames, custom fonts, also with font features, like true small capitals and ligatures.

These WYSIWYG document editing and form filling capabilities aren't limited by incomplete web standards and clients, and they are based on the OpenDocument format and its embedded XML based form standard, XForms.

We have made minor, but important LibreOffice improvements, too, like changing the default, unprofessional ASCII apostrophe to the long-awaited typographic one (U+2019) in online and desktop versions of LibreOffice.

To solve the problem of the simplified toolbars of the online version, we allowed to use nearly all keyboard shortcuts of LibreOffice in the online version, also adding new ones for compatibility and better usage, for example the shortcut Ctrl-Alt-F for footnote insertion.

The presentation will show several online document editing examples, focusing on the typographic quality and easy layout management (like online usage of the OpenDocument character, paragraph, list, page and other styles, the strengths of Writer word processor), and the related developments.


László Németh