Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


AsteroidOS: architecture of a FOSS smartwatch platform

Qt5, OpenEmbedded, libhybris, BlueZ5...

AsteroidOS is a free and open-source smartwatch platform based on OpenEmbedded, libhybris, BlueZ5 and Qt5. The OS currently offers a basic user experience on the LG G Watch. This technical talk will briefly introduce the philosophical background of the project and more deeply its architecture's details in order to attract developers, porters and curious.

Smartwatches can be superfluous gadget making one more intrusion into our privacy or formidable platforms for developers. This is why it is important to have an open platform for this type of devices. AsteroidOS seeks to address this problem.

This talk will successively be focused on how to boot an Android Wear watch, on how to gain hardware acceleration on that kind of hardware, on how Qt5 and OpenEmbedded are used and on the future of AsteroidOS.

AsteroidOS uses similar technological choices as those of projects like SailfishOS, NemoMobile, Mer, WebOS-Ports or Ubuntu Touch but adapted to the needs of smartwatches. The architecture of those project will briefly be compared during the presentation.


Photo of Florent Revest Florent Revest