Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Smart.JS, a tale of two platforms

IoT full-stack development platform

We will talk about porting Smart.JS, an open-source JavaScript-based IoT platform, to two very different hardware platforms: Espressif ESP8266 and TI CC3200, the difficulties we encountered and lessons that we learned working with them.

We will describe the Smart.JS platform (focusing on parts other than the V7 Javascript interpreter itself, which is the focus of another talk), and give the audience a taste of the embedded development process for two different platforms: one from an established player in the field and an up-and-coming recent entrant, very popular with enthusiasts. We will discuss the hardware, the SDK and the developer interactions, the challenges that we had with each of them and how we tackled them in each case.


Sergey Lyubka
Deomid Ryabkov