Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


VirtualBox Guest Additions and Linux distributions

VirtualBox comes with a set of drivers and tools designed to improve integration between the systems running in it and the system it is running on. We have generally preferred to provide these ourselves, but Linux distributions also wish to do this (and do). This talk looks at the reasons, and invites discussion about how we can better address them.

My plan is to spend about ten minutes talking and ten discussing (discussion can continue after the talk of course). I won't expand much on the abstract for ten minutes of talk, but my hope is that this will help us and distributions to better cater to each other's needs. Clearly not all of the issues are specific to VirtualBox (our main issue is that we want to provide the latest and greatest even on distributions in maintenance mode), so the benefits of discussing them should be greater too. And of course, since VirtualBox is a popular tool for distribution development work, improving integration is likely to be a good thing for lots of people in the room!


Michael Thayer