Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Leveraging the Open Web to work & play with microcontrollers

Using JavaScript, Firefox OS & open web APIs to work with Hardware & IoT

Lowering the barrier of entry and working on hardware & microcontrollers using JavaScript and open web technologies.

A whole new class of microcontrollers (such as the Espruino, Tessel 2 or MozOpenHard Chirimen or BBC MicroBit) are enabling new ways for interacting with hardware - we are not limited to clunky and error-prone low-level languages, and proprietary tools any more: new tools are built in HTML5 & JavaScript, and hardware can be programmed in more user-friendly languages such as JavaScript or even Python. Knowing how to wield the powers of open web technologies, we can build our own tools and create our own hardware devices, robots, automatons or interconnected IoT devices; even build our own tools to help us along the way. All this using nothing more, than HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. During the talk I will show several such easy-to-understand demos, interconnected microcontrollers controlled from phones (but no apps, only the browser!) and tools built entirely on web technologies.


Photo of István Szmozsánszky István Szmozsánszky