Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Testing Webchat Stability

Automated testing a chats handling of network instability and other stability problems

The stability of a webchat is dependent on numerous factors, ranging from quality of code and browser compatibility, to the stability of the infrastructure and the way it handles network instabilities. To make a sensible comparison between webchats or to measure changes in stability with a new version of a webchat, there needs to be some kind of standardized testing. In this talk I will show how I have set up an automated testing environment that automatically simulates numerous potential problems, including network instability.

Using a real world example, I will discuss in this talk: -Potential sources of instability in webchats -Selecting what tests are relevant -Setting up automated testing of webchats -Testing the behaviour of the webchat on unstable networks -Results and lessons learned

The code used for the testing is available on GitHub: [] (Webchat Testing Framework)


Photo of Winfried Tilanus Winfried Tilanus